Collins Pest Control was founded in 1957 by Frank Collins. Frank had little in the way of education outside of high school, but he was rather keen in two areas, hard work and integrity. Frank believed that if you were willing to work hard and operate with integrity, that you could accomplish anything. He set out with this mindset and quickly earned a reputation for doing just what he said that he would do, rid people of their pests. Frank worked Collins Pest Control for many years on his own, but as the business grew, he soon enlisted the help of his son Lonnie

Lonnie held the same beliefs as Frank and the pair began spreading their brand of pest control throughout the Shelby and San Augustine county areas. Frank, having grown up in the depression, understood well the fragile state of the American dollar. He believed that when people paid for a service, that their dollar should buy more than an insecticide. Their dollar should buy a service, a smile, and a reliable result. Frank and Lonnie believed that if people were calling them back month after month, that they were not upholding their end of the bargain. So, they treated people’s homes just as they would their own. They treated people’s homes properly and to the fullest extent possible in order to keep their customers pest free for as long as possible.

Lonnie passed this mantra of hard work, integrity, and customer service to his two sons. Chris and Brian Collins currently work alongside Jon and Cory Collins to uphold the legacy that Frank and Lonnie initiated over 60 years ago. At Collins Pest Control it is our goal to work ourselves out of a job as often and for as long as possible. We want our customers to be pest free for months or years at a time. When we treat a home for Termites, we want our customers to have peace of mind that their home, their most valuable asset, will be around for them to pass on to their children and grand children. At Collins Pest Control our goal is to take care of our customers as if they were our own flesh and blood. Please allow us the opportunity to make you a part of our growing family. It would be our privilege help you make your home yours again.